HELPP Over Alpine with low-wing plane.

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Help Eliminate Loud Planes Practicing
Over Alpine

The surge in the frequency of small planes conducting training maneuvers directly over the noise-sensitive community of Alpine has witnessed an exponential rise. Consequently, the once serene community of Alpine is experiencing a decline in the quality of life, attributable to the disruptive nature of jarring loud stalls, dives, throttle changes, repetitive tight turns, and the incessant daily drone of airplane noise persisting from morning until night. Notably, the majority of these flights originate from Montgomery-Gibbs (MYF), Gillespie Field (SEE), and Brown Field (SDM) airports.

HELPP Over Alpine is steadfast in its mission to proactively halt the practice of small planes over the Greater Alpine area. Through our platform, we aim to inform and foster a collective sharing of data that highlight this issue’s gravity. By shedding light on the adverse effects of these maneuvers, we seek to engage with flight schools, certified flight instructors, and pilots who may be unaware of the significant stress and frustration imposed upon the residents of Alpine.

Alpine is not a practice area— together, we can address and rectify this matter, preserving the tranquility and well-being of our community.


DISCLAIMER: This does not indicate that HELPP Over Alpine is against planes, pilots, or schools. We have friends, neighbors, and family who are pilots and instructors. Our complaint is the chronic, cumulative, and disproportionate noise introduced by small planes while practicing maneuvers overhead. Straight-through flights at constant throttle are not a concern. Neither are commercial airlines, military, or public-safety flights.

Illustration of Greater Alpine showing Alpine Heights, Willows, and Viejas Resort

This map shows the neighborhoods in Alpine, an unincorporated city in San Diego County, California.

Satellite view of Alpine with an abundance of green curves displaying the plane N733UC practice flight.

Example of a single flight recorded 01/17/21, from N733UC over Alpine. (See more on interactive map)

DATA COLLECTED: March 1 – 31, 2024

Aircraft logged are General Aviation class only. Commercial Airlines, Military, and Public Safety are not Included.

Flights Collected were below 6,000 ft MSL in an approximate 3.25-NM radius from Central Alpine: 32.828, -116.738.

Each flight had a Minimum Duration of 5 minutes over Alpine.

Monthly Totals

Unique Aircraft: 137
Flights: 316
Duration: 65 Hours 45 Minutes

Circular map showing the Alpine area.
Several aircraft registration numbers with text size relational to flight duration based on data from the tables below.