2021 Study of Small-Plane Traffic

Study of Small-Plane Traffic Over Alpine

496 flights (from approximately 125 individual tail numbers) were recorded over 68 days between 2/7/2021 and 5/14/2021. Of those flights, 387 displayed prolonged practice behavior and are associated with the leasing companies & flight schools/owners shown. Data were compiled on an average of four days-per-week. Planes simply passing through Alpine or performing a single loop are not included.
OrganizationLocationFlight Count
Financial Pacific LeasingMontgomery Field 74
Scandinavian Aviation Academy, Inc.Gillespie Field 68
Sorbi Aviation, Inc.Gillespie Field 46
So. Cal Leasing, LLC.Gillespie Field 38
Coast Flight TrainingMontgomery Field 38
Aero Equities, LLC. (Cal. Baptist) Montgomery Field 22
Dave Simpson Aviation, Inc.Gillespie Field 21
RRG Software, LLC.Montgomery Field 15
D. Gordon Aviation, Inc.Montgomery Field 13
American Aviation Academy, Inc.Gillespie Field 12
High Performance Aircraft, Inc.Gillespie Field 11
First Flight CorporationBrown Field11
Seven Four Zulu, LLC.Montgomery Field 10
Westways Aviation, LLC.Montgomery Field 8

Study of Flight Distribution Per Month (Sample)

Over 68 days between 2/7/2021 and 5/14/2021, 496 flights are distributed as shown. The average duration of small planes practicing maneuvers directly over the residential community of Alpine is 33 minutes per flight. Note: Daily flights counts are subject to weather conditions and daylight hours.
MonthMax Flights per DayFlights CollectedDays Collected