We’re not your “Dirtpatch!”

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If the constant noise of planes practicing over your neighborhood impacts you, share your story with a pilot.

Teenage girl with beenie and sweatshirt that says "TIME." She is not smiling and leadning against a corrugated concreate wall.

Go away!

Dear Pilots, There is no peace and quiet anymore in Alpine. Never used to be that way. I am so sick and tired of the small planes that

High on top of mountains, looking into sunset with snow-capped peaks in background.

Alpine Airport

Dear Pilot, My wife and I are recent residents of the community of Alpine east of San Diego. We purchased a lot in January 2018 and just

hands on a laptop keyboard

Not A Freaking Airport!!!

Montgomery and Gillespie Flight Schools: Stop sending your students to Alpine! We are a quiet, peaceful community FAR AWAY from airports and city noise. We moved here to

Close-up of several bees

Swarm of Bees

Dear Pilot, Sorry to have to say this but what you are doing every day is ruining my life. And that is not hyperbole. I can hear

Close-up of twho hands holding a French Bulldog in the air.

Can’t leave windows opened

To all the flight-school planes flying over Alpine, What makes you think that it is okay to take away the use of my yard, my pool, my walks,

Close-up of two heavily tatooed arms crossed with a tree behind.

You guys make a lot of noise!

Dear Pilot Training Schools and Pilots, I know that you guys are up there just making a living, doing your thing, I get that. But have you

Hilly dirt with snow-covered mountain tops in distance. Cloudy and hazey.


Dear Pilot, I moved out of the city to Alpine— to a quiet community near the mountains, soon to find out there’s a race track of small