What about our schools in Alpine?

What about our schools in Alpine?

I saw posts from Helpp over Alpine all over facebook lately and decided to check out their website. I am here posting to the blog because they promise my privacy and I don’t want my name all over so you can call me a Karen or bully my kids.

I live in Alpine and have 3 kids that go to school here. I know we are in summer break but after seeing the wall of shame thing, this scared the crap out of me that this many student pilots are practicing right over our children! If that info is legit it looks like we live directly under an airport, this is crazy! How come this is allowed? This isn’t one random air plane flying over our schools, it looks like tons of green circles all over the schools my kids go to.

My husband said he noticed the noise has gotten worse lately but I’m at work all day and haven’t noticed.

Thank you HELPP people for making this great website and addressing this craziness!

— Concerned Mama




Photo credit: Mary Taylor