Congressman Issa, Please Help Alpine

Congressman Issa, Please Help Alpine

Dear Congressman Issa,

Over the past few years, the number of small planes practicing training maneuvers directly over the tranquil community of Alpine has increased exponentially. As a result, the quality of life in Alpine’s previously serene community is diminishing because of the disruptive bomber-like dives, startling loud stalls and throttle changes, repetitive tight turns, and the daily drone of airplane noise from morning to night.

While a single small airplane producing 70 dBA of noise is within legal thresholds of the FAA, measured data suggest a 20-30 dBA increase of introduced noise by small-aircraft practice maneuvers over Alpine’s low ambient noise of 30-37 dBA.

With a typical number of 15-20 practice flights per day that average 33 minutes in duration over Alpine, cumulatively, this equates to nearly 10 hours per day of a 25 dBA increase in noise that Alpine residents are subjected to (see study) by pilot activity from practicing small-plane maneuvers.

In no way does this indicate that people in Alpine are against planes, pilots, or schools. On the contrary, we have friends, neighbors, and family who are pilots. The only complaint is the chronic, cumulative, and extreme noise introduced by small planes practicing maneuvers overhead.

Straight-through flights at constant throttle are not a concern. Neither are commercial jets or military flights.

We respectfully ask for your support,

— Alpine (50th District bipartisan voters)