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Closeup of man's face with eyes closed, mouth open, and hands over ears.

Dear Congressman Issa, Over the past few years, the number of small planes practicing training maneuvers directly over the tranquil community of Alpine has increased exponentially. As

Cessnae flying in clouds

I live in Alpine, as well and the near-constant noise from planes circling overhead has become very annoying. Flying over Alpine once each direction is one thing—circling

Laptop computer on desk near windows in corner of a room.

The constant noise of the planes cutting and restarting has being a nuisance for years! So glad that someone is working for a solution, how about flying

High on top of mountains, looking into sunset with snow-capped peaks in background.

Dear Pilot, My wife and I are recent residents of the community of Alpine east of San Diego. We purchased a lot in January 2018 and just

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Montgomery and Gillespie Flight Schools: Stop sending your students to Alpine! We are a quiet, peaceful community FAR AWAY from airports and city noise. We moved here to

Close-up of twho hands holding a French Bulldog in the air.

To all the flight-school planes flying over Alpine, What makes you think that it is okay to take away the use of my yard, my pool, my walks,

Close-up of two heavily tatooed arms crossed with a tree behind.

Dear Pilot Training Schools and Pilots, I know that you guys are up there just making a living, doing your thing, I get that. But have you